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to all my relatives - thank you for this gift of having the opportunity to serve

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annie loyd, Social Architect

For more than 25 years annie has worked in the communities in which she has resided. Most importantly, she works with people matching needs with resources — annie is a "social architect," one who sees things that aren't quite right and tries to find solutions. Through her experiences of working in public health, various faith communities, owning a construction company and social activism Annie has acquired a vast understanding of community, state, national and global challenges. Annie utilizes her experience of the "work on the ground" and problem-solving to create opportunities for community collaboration.

Annie is intent on creating opportunities for community collaboration through building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Annie has made a commitment to deliver information that inspires and engages and that educates and empowers leaders from all sectors of society, communities and individuals to work together to create the new paradigm of political process — the art of possibilities.

Personal History:

Raised in South Dakota, Annie witnessed a host of challenges regarding the Native American and mental health communities, business owners, farmers and ranchers. She was educated at St. Martins Academy College Prep and through her parents, learned about the importance of leadership and giving back to her community.

She moved to LA in her 20s, where she managed an 82-bed residential youth facility. During the Rodney King incident, she organized and led the facility to a peaceful resolution during ensuing riots. With family roots dating back 50 years in the "Valley of the Sun," Annie settled in Phoenix, Arizona in 1992 and has served as a dedicated volunteer, community leader, liaison and consultant to many individuals, communities, community organizations and businesses.

Annie's higher education career began in communications at Mount Marty College and continued on at Phoenix Community College then Arizona State University in Political Science. Annie continues her engaging and unique style of communication with diverse audiences through speaking engagements, as a radio talk show host and guest, educational facilitator and trainer, spiritual leader and guide, guest lecturer, moderator, emcee and keynote speaker.

Human Rights:

Whether traveling to New Orleans to help victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, working in the diverse community of 5,500 people of Guadalupe, Arizona, designing youth gang prevention and building resilient and sustainable and community development program models or discovering and mapping the path for successful immigration reform, Annie has consistently demonstrated her willingness, desire and unique talent of bringing diverse and sometimes divisive individuals and groups together to find common ground.

Annie Loyd’s first trip to Mexico started as a vacation, but ended with an avocation to help those who struggle within a country (Mexico) that doesn’t provide basic necessities for its poorest countrymen and a country (USA) that needs workers and has a broken system for immigration.

It was in May 2005 when Annie and friends traveled to Puerto Vallarta for a week-long vacation. On the last day while two friends engaged in tourist activities, Annie and her traveling companion took a taxi to the landfill, where she witnessed 300 families living in squalor and without running water. Families scavenged the landfill for food, recyclable containers and “material” for their homes, most of which were made of cardboard. Annie photographed the conditions and returned to her community and presented a photojournalism account of the excursion.

Witnessing the families living in such deplorable conditions, listening to the responses from people experiencing the photographic presentation and experiencing the ever increasing fear surrounding the challenge of immigration reform was the impetus for Annie’s desire to utilize her business acumen, spiritual practice and voice to bring forth humanitarian aid to this crisis in her community.

On November 3rd, 2008, at the bequest of a friend and emerging community leader, Annie Loyd added her voice to the “No on 102” rally at the corner of Central Ave. and Camelback Rd. in central Phoenix, Arizona. One week later Annie assisted in gathering and rallying a crowd of more than 500 at the same location, later that evening the H.E.R.O. (Human & Equal Rights Organizers) was birthed. Preceding these events Annie and H.E.R.O.’s led a rally of 5,000 people at Cesar Chavez Plaza across from Phoenix City Hall on November 15th. As of January 2009 Annie has stepped back from the day-to-day aspects encouraging and allowing for young and new emerging activists to lead and guide the coalition. In December of 2008 the community elected a steering committee and H.E.R.O.’s is the “go to” organization in Phoenix for coalescing the diverse community to address the complex challenge of securing equal civil rights for the LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally) community.

Successful Community Collaborations:

Here are just a few highlights of the past:

The FUSION Foundation, founded in 2003 by a group of women seeking to build community and focus local actions with a global vision. The FUSION identifies and addresses unmet and unfulfilled challenges in our communities with resources and proven solutions for success, Annie is a co- founder and is the president/CEO.

One Planet magazine, (, founded in 2006, is an online all volunteer social entrepreneur e-venture of the FUSION Foundation documenting community based solutions with a global vision.

Politics of Fear – using the resources of the FUSION Foundation Annie convened a diverse group of distinguished community leaders from all sectors of society to "vision map" the Politics of Fear. The outcome was phenomenal, some believed it to be too “Kumbaya;” however many emerged with enthusiasm, a sense of purpose, and engaged and committed to moving forward in their self identified manners. After the group meeting, artists made signs, activists planned public engagement activities, a specific group left knowing it was time to have many meetings and define a workable process.

Voices for Civil Dialogue, ( a coalition of leaders from all sectors of society currently focused on creating a path to successful immigration reform, a collaborative program of civic engagement of the FUSION Foundation. As a specializing in community collaboration, mediation, negotiation and development, Loyd is a founding member and the chair of the coalition. Since the formation of the coalition more than 200 meetings have taken place in less than six months with individuals and leaders from all sectors of society. The coalition held it’s first press conference on September 9th and a transpartisan panel discussion on October 14th at the ASU Downtown Campus and is now supporting efforts for a summit in February of 2009.

annie, as an ordained minister, has reached out to faith, community and business leaders throughout her immediate community of Phoenix and throughout the country to encourage civil dialogue and the honoring of humanity. annie has been the voice for moderation and has presented at several immigration forums and participated as an expert on the topic on several panel discussions, numerous press conferences, and radio and television interviews.

On July 12, 2008 annie loyd was knighted a Dame into the Sovereign Medical Order of Knights Hospitaller, a 1,000+ year old order of Knights focused on delivering natural health care to indigenous peoples and those remotely removed from sophisticated allopathic health care. Annie's focus on the healing power of diplomacy through communication was her invitation to join this historic order, recognized by the Vatican.

November 2008, annie was elevated to Priestess in the Madonna Ministries she continues her work as an ordained minister providing a unique perspective of spirit in action. She continues to support individuals choosing to stay at home while they make their transition from this world working with Hospice and health care providers. She works with addicts and alcoholics recovering from addiction and she regularly supports the work of the Justa Center in Phoenix, Arizona the only facility in the country specifically providing spiritual care and outreach to homeless seniors.

December 2008, annie was named Woman of the Year by Echo Magazine.

January 2011annie relinquished title of minister believing the title no longer served the purpose before her on the path of peace building. The creation of SpiritKeepers is created and regular drum circles continue to provide and environment for personal exploration of deeper connection within and with all relatives.

August 2012 Spirit Keepers is transformed to Peace Walkers as a response to several dreams and visions regarding the emerging role leadership from within and increased importance of creating an welcoming environment for personal development, meeting the desire to serve community and intentionally create leadership development from within the community.

annie continues to work as the ceo of the FUSION Foundation - what she likes to call the chief enthusiasm officer with a daily commitment to bring hope, peace and love to all relatives on planet earth.

To request annie at a gathering please contact Jodi Powers, President, CPR - Community Public Relations This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - thank you


Annie Loyd, ordained a Madonna Minister

The Madonna Ministry is a Global, Spiritual Community — A Church Without Walls

The Madonna Minister's are world servers who minister joyfully from our hearts to encourage all to express essential Divinity by utilizing creativity. The Madonna Minister's are nourished by the divine grace of the One. The Madonna Minister's are called to minister through good will, unconditional love, gratitude, spiritual insight and intuition, discernment and humility, all of which foster direct revelation and enlightened understanding.

Madonna Ministry Statement of Purpose

The Madonna Minister's are a global, spiritual community-a church without walls. The Madonna Minister's are world servers who minister joyfully from our hearts to encourage all to express essential Divinity by utilizing creativity. The Madonna Minister's are nourished by the divine grace of the One. The Madonna Minister's are called to minister through good will, unconditional love, gratitude, spiritual insight and intuition, discernment and humility, all of which foster direct revelation and enlightened understanding.


Today the choice is no longer between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence.

MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. (1929-1968), Stride Toward Freedom, 1958

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