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Feathered Bastard Gay-Bashin' Westboro Baptist Church Punks Out of Glendale Picket PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 24 November 2008 00:00

Full article by Stephen Lemons - The good-natured crowd was led by organizer and activist Annie Loyd, head of a group called Be a H.E.R.O., the acronym standing for "Human and Equal Rights Organizer." Loyd also recently helped organize a massive protest of the passage of Prop 102, Arizona's anti-gay marriage amendment, in downtown Phoenix. She didn't seem the least bit let down that the Westboro haters never appeared.

"We know Fred [Phelps] threatens to show up all the time and he doesn't," she told me as the demonstration was beginning to break up. "This time we mobilized the community. We packed the play. And that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. We turned all these people out. And this is what we're going to continue to do. You know, we've ignored people like him for so long, we're not going to ignore them any more."

Community activist Annie Loyd addresses demonstrators.

Loyd also believed that the large number of protesters she was able to garner for the event is indicative of a building backlash against Arizona's passage of Prop 102.


"It's Pandora's Box," Loyd insisted. "We've awoken the sleeping giant. We've been patient. We've been waiting for society to catch up. It was one thing to wait. It's another thing to come after us and attack us. We're not going to tolerate it."

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