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whatareyoudoingtomakethingsbetterI listen to the news and think "I would do that differently."

I'm grateful to have had the life experiences I've had up to this point and I'm willing to continue to grow, change and expand my understanding. Some of this gratitude and willingness comes from the great freedom I've come to know in discovering some truths I didn't always know.

I am powerless over the actions of others, and I am radically free to choose how I will act

I am powerless over the words others choose to speak, and I am radically free to choose the words I will use to communicate my observations, feelings, needs and requests

I am powerless over how people choose to spend their money, treat their family members, raise their children and treat the earth, and I am radically free to choose where and how I spend my money, and I am radically free to choose to visit my family members and make creating deep relationships a priority in my life, and I am radically free to raise my children modeling simplicity and with my actions of love as the core foundational principle, and I am radically free to choose to take my greatest direction from the lessons taught by mother earth.

I am radically free to Be Me!

Accepting what I am powerless over, the things I cannot change - people, places and things, and knowing what I am radically free to change at any given moment including my attitude, my actions, my responses, my behavior - allows me the wisdom to discern the difference.

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peace - om shanti~

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Religion is a set of social and political institutions and spirituality is a private pursuit which may or may not take place in a church setting.

D. PATRICK MILLER. Journalist. in Eric Utne, "Editor's Note," Utne Reader, January-February 1991

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