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This is the year of the female water snake, at times known as the smaller dragon -  a year of changes, conservation, rebirth and rebuilding, shedding of old skin, old ways, truly lasting transformation. It is a year of climbing steadily up the mountain, exploration, research and new beginnings.
Water is the womb of life and nurtures seeds being planted for the future. By the year of the HORSE in 2014, when the elements finally line up amicably - wood for growth and creativity and fire for passion - the world will feel right again. The Water Snake year will plant the embryo to bear fruit in 2014. This is a time to set your ship on course to manifest your Big Hairy Audacious Wild Dreams.

The time is now to shed attachments - emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual - that may be confining you, possibly holding you back. Transform old behaviors through commitment and dedication to simple daily practices. Create daily actions, developing a foundation of something of value that will move you to the next level of your be-ing.

Be sure to take time to evaluate, assess past behavior, detecting recurrent patterns that have served you in one way or another and determine which course of action you are choosing to take. Will you choose fear or love, judgment or compassion - then act through discipline. It is not necessary, nor is it productive, to work to get rid of something - your only effective action is to choose the path forward; the rest will "take care of itself."

May you come to experience peace on this planet called Earth -
miigwech - thank you for the opportunity to serve


The highest art . . .  sets down its creations and trusts in their magic, without fear of not being understood.

~HERMAN HESSE (1877-1962). Reflections, 516, ed. Volker Michels, 1974

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